I Ching Hexagrams: Progress

Progress (Chin)

Chin – Progress: The power of Fire irradiates the Earth. Everything is blossoming; it’s time to progress and act. Don’t be too pushy unless you are cautious. Otherwise only failure waits. Ambition without clean mind is very dangerous. If the question is related to whether to stay inactive, than according to the sign progress needs patience or strengthening. In this case don’t insist on action.


I Ching Hexagrams – Progress: meaning of the lines

Line 1: This is a weak line at a strong place. It suggests not expecting great progress. Make buckle and tongue meet.

Line 2: This line is hold up by the third one. There is some progress but only at the cost of concerns. Stay persistent and we can find help.

Line 3: Our actions are good; success and promotion are expected.

Line 4: This line is surrounded by yin lines. Its moves are uncertain and vague. No real result can be expected. Let’s retreat.

Line 5: Though there may be some losses success and celebration await us. Get over problems.

Line 6: The situation is fully formed, we need to pull up. Don’t go further, because we’ll go too far. We have to retreat in order to renew ourselves.


Personal fate Luck is expected soon.
Marriage Lucky, it’s successful.
Childbirth The location of the entrance of the house isn’t good: change it.
Searching for a new job It’s a baby boy. Luck.
Social, political title It’s up the influence of the friends. If we got the fourth sing, don’t expect is.
Commerce, business life Making bargain with southeastern people will bring profit.
People you seek Search in the southwestern mountains.
Person you’re waiting for He/She/It is coming.
Lost property Difficult to find. It may be in the north.
Chasing thieves Let’s go southeast. They’re probably hiding in a cemetery.
Pleading It takes a long time to solve the situation.
Weather The weather will be nice, unless we got the second line. That means rain.
Traveling Just the two of you should travel. Southeast is the good direction.
Personal wish Our wish can come true.