Queen of Swords: general, standing and reversed meaning

Queen of Swords, general description

Queen of Swords is the 32nd card of the Major Arcana. It is part of Fatecaster’s Tarot card list that summarizes the Rider Waite Tarot cards’ meaning.


Queen of Swords represents the feminine form of Air. It stands for cleverness, vigilance, vibrancy and good understanding. It expresses our ability to solve problems with intelligence. Also, it shows that we can achieve higher knowledge without getting lost in ideas or suffering from doubts.

According to the older interpretation of the card, the Queen of Swords was only identified¬†with an evil woman or, at best, with a widow. But today it’s believed that the main motive of the card is a woman (either her feminine or masculine side) who uses the power of her mind to get rid of the addictive affair. The shady side of the card only needs to be taken into consideration in a few occasions. In that case, the Queen is an Ice Queen whose enchanting charm hides self-seeking rigidity and almost unbridgeable aloofness.

Queen of Swords, standing

The watery aspect of the essence of air. A person with sharp logic and natural instincts that enable unusual things and deep perceptions. Someone who can see through fraud and chaos realizing the true aspect of things. Someone who can appreciate thing from many points of view. The manifestation of tranquility, honesty and intellect even in the most difficult situations.


Queen of Swords, reversed

The dark essence of air, just like cold rain. A person with sharp logic and natural instincts that enable unusual things and deep thoughts. Someone who can easily notice the weak points of other people or other situations. Often makes offensive comments and painful actions by harnessing his/her knowledge. Cold-blooded and rotten mind that hides the incredible pain caused by the dissatisfaction of life.