Queen of Wands: general, standing and reversed meaning

Queen of Wands, general description

Queen of Wands is the 24th card of the Major Arcana. It is part of Fatecaster’s Tarot card list that summarizes the Rider Waite Tarot cards’ meaning.


Queen of Wands denotes Fire’s feminine power. It means self-confidence, autonomy and cat-like sleekness that are more of the expression of smartness than adaptability. Queen of Wands is open-minded, venturesome and has a strong willpower. The source of her power is her pride, which however makes her sensitive to criticism, she needs appreciation and admiration. She represents a vitality and life-affirmation in such a scale that it could

She represents a vitality and life-affirmation in such a scale that it could deprive into limitless prodigalism, almost rapturous pleasure-seeking. Her theatrical talent and hedonist passions make her the queen of drama, just like the figure of Carmen.

Queen of Wands, standing

The essence of fire acting like water, like a rainbow. A natural manifestation of sensuality and passion, which is always in the center of attention. Someone who responds to others wishes and ambitions and can set them afire. A transmitting, vital personality, egoistic, impudent and charismatic who knows what he/she wants and achieves it.


Queen of Wands, reversed

The dark essence of fire acting like water, just like vapor. Natural manifestation of temptation and sensuality that does everything to get into the center of attention. A seducer who is all over others’ desires and acts to their liking. An egoistic and ruling personality who pushes aside everything and everybody in order to reach the goals. Someone vengeful who punch first, often without reason. It can mean cheating or contempt in a relationship.