I Ching Hexagrams: Return

Return – The Turning Point (Fu)

Fu – The Turning Point: The Earth is above the Thunder. Negative energy pulls towards the earth and there’s nothing to suppress the power of the Thunder. It’s the time of awakening. Every spring hibernated animals wake up for the first thunder. This sign not only shows the end of a dark period and a new beginning. The thunder under the earth also symbolizes a negative philistine person. Thunder means you have to return to the active and lustrous world.

I Ching Hexagrams – Turning Point: meaning of the lines

Line 1: No matter what kind of loss ruins our life it’s time to let it go. No matter how difficult and painful it is it’s time to end it and get back to our life.

Line 2: This is a gentle line and it’s close to the second one. When it returns from a problem or misfortune this line follows it. The return (aka avoiding the situation) is lucky.

Line 3: This line is a yin and a yang line at the same place. The weak line makes wrong decisions again and again. The general direction of the energy related to this sign shows that these wrong decisions won’t cause any distress.

Line 4: This line consonates the first one. Its companions have gone wrong but thanks to good discernment it can follow the right path. That’s what we have to do as well: follow the right path.

Line 5: This line has a accentuated and important place. Despite attention (power), it stays humble and respectable. It’s important that soul-searching can help returning to pureness without humiliation.

Line 6: This line is too far from a positive outcome. It’s stubborn and silly. It can’t get rid of bad habits, it’s totally lost. The trouble is made entirely by itself and it manifests in its environment as well. The only thing that can save it from total annihilation is full retreat.

Personal fate Luck is expected, it worth waiting for it.
Marriage The marriage is successful for a while, but then it disintegrates.
Household, family Any tension in the family can be solved by spring.
Childbirth It’s a baby boy. If we got the fourth sign, the mother is in danger.
Searching for a new job Successful.
Social, political title It’s difficult to achieve.
Commerce, business life Difficulty, conflict with a third person.
People you seek There’s no need for a mediator.
Person you’re waiting for They’re arriving.
Lost property It’s located in the east.
Chasing thieves They don’t have a certain hiding place, so it’s difficult to catch them.
Pleading Victory is possible.
Weather The weather will be choppy, mostly good with a few showers.
Traveling First travel to the north, then southwest.
Illness It’s dangerous now, but you’re going to heal.
Personal wish It’s achievable.