I Ching Hexagrams: Revolution

Revolution – Molting (Ko)

Ko – Revolution: The Fire is above the Lake. Their energies are contradictory; their cooperation denotes some kind of tension. This tension, however, could be absolutely positive. It often happens that a tension before a blast is a forerunner of progress. This isn’t a symbol of fight and war, but power. It shows us the need of peaceful change. It’s important to feel the right moment when it’s time to act. The real meaning of this sign is rather an improvement than what we call revolution today.


I Ching Hexagrams – Revolution: meaning of the lines

Line 1: We should rather concentrate on our inner features and habits. It’s not yet the time for the bigger, outer changes.

Line 2: The transformation can continue and will be lucky.

Line 3: Right now it’s difficult to keep calm but also to act. Right now it’s not only difficult to keep calm but to act as well. First get others support.

Line 4: This line is in conflict with its environment. This can only be solved if it changes its attitude.

Line 5: This line indicates a great and right goal. Transformation can successfully be done.

Line 6: The line shows a shallow change that is not enough to have real achievements.


Personal fate Sudden turn. There’s a problem with money and financials.
Marriage Implementation is possible, but the husband is controlled by the wife. It’ll end up with divorce.
Household, family Stay clear of fire.
Childbirth Safe.
Searching for a new job It can be successful.
Social, political title It’s difficult to get it.
Commerce, business life Successful.
People you seek It’ll be found
Person you’re waiting for He/She/It isn’t coming.
Lost property It’s difficult to get it back.
Chasing thieves They’re hiding to the northwest and can be caught.
Pleading Something sudden will happen. It’s an external problem. If you present it in a different way, you can win the case.
Weather If it’s raining, the weather will improve. If the weather is nice, it’ll rain. Changeable weather.
Traveling It’s good if two people are travelling together.
Illness Difficulty.
Personal wish Difficulties at the beginning, but it will come to fruition.