I Ching Hexagrams: Splitting Apart

Splitting apart (Po)

Po – Splitting apart: Though as a natural picture the Mountain is above the Earth, this sign refers to destruction. Yang energy goes upwards; the Mountain diverges from the Earth. The picture falls apart. In times of decay try to reserve our energies. Do not stand up for evilness and meanness, not even when you have strong supporters. This sign also inspires us to find the motive of decay in our life and try to eliminate it.


I Ching Hexagrams – Splitting apart: meaning of the lines

Line 1: The first line shows a weekend bed leg. It refers to a bed because we are the most vulnerable during our sleep. The line also predicts an upcoming danger. The basis of our economic and social living conditions are not strong enough.

Line 2: Injury sneaks closer. Don’t stay close to cruel people. It’s possible that we are still asleep and our wishes obscure our vision. If we give free went to this, evilness will infect us.

Line 3: This line is the pearl thrown to pigs. Its effect isn’t harmful. This is the only line that can preserve its purity.

Line 4: Slivering power strikes directly the body.

Line 5: This line is close to the only yang energy. The whole situation can be harmonized by patience. It can set up the other four lines to serve the yang one, disagreement is avoidable.

Line 6: There is only one apple left on the tree. The lines of the sign show a tree on which only one branch has fruits. That means this is our last chance.


Personal fate It’s not so prosperous. Prospects that seem to be good now are false.
Marriage If the questioner is a woman, the man gets her in trouble, if the questioner is a man, it’s the wife who causes the decline.
Household, family If you’re planning to buy a house, you should rather rent now. Do not give up on your own house.
Childbirth This may be the third childbirth. It may be a premature birth, that’ll be a big shock.
Searching for a new job Don’t expect significant things.
Social, political title Though it’s a difficult start, in the end there will be progress. Rewards don’t take a long time.
Commerce, business life If you have enough capital and can store up a big amount of goods, you can expect some increment.
People you seek It’s difficult to find it.
Person you’re waiting for He/She/It is coming. The situation is similar to a ripe fruit, ready to fall down from the tree.
Lost property There isn’t much chance finding it.
Chasing thieves They’re in the southwest. But stolen things will be difficult to be regained.
Pleading In the beginning you may lose a little money. Later everything comes in peace.
Weather If you expect good weather, it’s going to rain. If you expect bad weather, it’s going to be nice.
Traveling This time you can only travel with company. Do not depart alone.
Illness There are a few signs referring to death.
Personal desire If your wish is related to money, you can expect a small success. In any other situations trouble is on the horizon, be careful.