I Ching Hexagrams: Standstill

Standstill – Stagnation (P’i)

P’i- Standstill: In this sign Heaven is above Earth. This is their proper position but the two energies are rolling away from each other and they never meet. P’i shows hardship, misfortune. Obstacles occur, energy stagnates. Doubts may enter our life. Don’t worry, the long, freezing winter makes place for the spring thaw.


I Ching Hexagrams – Stagnation: meaning of the lines

Line 1: This line depicts an immoral person who is in connection with other immoral people. The sign is a warning: it’s not the time to start new things. It would generate the chain of sinister events.

Line 2: This line is tolerant and cooperative. It rather chooses to be left alone than to associate with the evil. If however, he associates, its virtue deteriorates.

Line 3: The third line gets ashamed because it wants to favor those who have an evil twist. The result is indignity. Although flattery can help us forward, true people don’t follow this road.

Line 4: Every circle has a turning point. The fourth line exited darkness. We have to renew ourselves calmly and firmly.

Line 5: The fifth line can stop misfortune. Unguardedness prolongates crisis. Pay attention to maintain peace.

Line 6: As soon as misfortune reaches its peak, luck will arrive as well. Be careful; don’t accept anyone’s help because we may not want to return it.


Personal fate It’s not good at the moment, but will be lucky later. Be careful, don’t act hastily.
Marriage It can happen, but difficulties are expected. Late marriage is right.
Household, family Nothing is smooth, it seems to be a never-ending trouble. There may be illness and soreness.
Childbirth It neither safe, nor peaceful. If it’s the first childbirth, it’s a baby girl, if it’s a second or third, it’s a baby boy.
Asking for help In the beginning difficulties will occur, later it’ll be easier.
Social, political title At the moment no success is probable.
Commerce, business life It’s beneficial for the buyer, but not for the seller. You’d better wait with selling it.
People you seek Search in the northeast. One part of it will be found, other isn’t.
Person you’re waiting for He/she/it is not coming.
Lost property You can find it in the east or in the south.
Chasing thieves There are two people east. They are in the mountains or next to a water.
Pleading It’s not fortunate. You’ve harmed someone.
Weather Good weather.
Traveling Hurrying will end up in an argument. Waiting brings you luck.
Illness It’s dangerous. There’s a problem with the stomach or in the area of diaphragm.
Personal wish After the initial difficulties you can have luck.