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Tarot spread for 2018 – what do the cards reveal about the upcoming year?

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Tarot spread for 2018 - what do the cards reveal about the upcoming year? Since beginning of time, famous occult people have attempted to break the code of time by predicting what the future may bring. Tarot gives us an opportunity to analyze possibilities, and take new courses of action. We can get the best benefits from a 2018 prediction spread by accepting the prospects that it puts in front of us; making choices that will lead us to such chances, or altogether move us away from them. The key to the tarot is the understanding that we are ultimately in charge of our destinies.Here is a Tarot spread for 2018. The reading is from the Classic 1910 Ryder Waite deck. Remember, the cards do not predict; they list possibilities. January Card: The Tower (upright) Divinatory meaning: a) change, b) enlightenment, c) failure, d) conflict Ryder Waite analysis: As with all beginnings, society (as a whole) often tends to make January their month to set up goals, and make wishes for the rest of the year. Sadly, people set too much stock into these goals, not realizing that a “new year” can begin at any time. What it invites [...]