What is a rowan tree? – Unveiling the mysterious story

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What Is a Rowan Tree: Unveiling the Tree of Magic My grandmother’s gentle reprimand to immediately plant a rowan tree when I bought my first home surprised me. She claimed it would offer me protection from bad spirits and lightning, amongst other things. I had never questioned the magic of trees in a more ambiguous sense. The idea of some great mythology of rowan tree, however, chaffed against my evidence-based perception. But wasn’t there evidence? Wasn’t the local cypress forest the go-to place when people were mourning? Do eucalyptus trees make you feel more light-hearted, like they do for me? Despite not understanding the meaning of rowan tree energy, I planted one. A Bit of Botany Native to the northeastern United States, the United Kingdom and much of Europe and Asia, the many subspecies of genus Sorbus have proliferated well beyond these regions. They are often called mountain ash as their feather-like leaves look similar to those of an ash tree. However, they are actually members of the rose family.  These deciduous, shrub-like trees don’t generally grow taller than 40 feet and can live up to 200 years. They are early bloomers, generally presenting clusters of small, [...]