I Ching Hexagrams: The Army

The Army (Shih)

Shih – The Army: In this sign the Earth is over the Water. The strong yang unites the five yin lines. This hexagram reminds of an army lead by a powerful strategist. Though the fifth line should take the lead, it’s too weak, so it hands over control to the other. If the assignment goes to a pest, it threatens everything.

I Ching Hexagrams – The Army: meaning of the lines

Line 1: This sign needs enormous discipline. It’s at a weak position. You need to improve yourself to correctly accomplish the second line’s instructions.

Line 2: The second line denotes a less important leader, who fell out with the leader symbolized by the fifth line. You can’t win in this situation. You should retreat. Patience can help to avoid the argument.

Line 3: This line shows that it’s better sticking to old things. There is a weak yin line between the two yang ones. If we stay cautious there won’t be any trouble. It’s not lucky to start a new business now.

Line 4: The fourth is a strong yang line in a yin position. We may win an argument with force but that doesn’t mean we are right. It’s better to stop discordance to be lucky.

Line 5: This sign represents huge power and truth. However, in order to succeed we need stamina, self-knowledge and morality. Be careful with the situation, don’t hurt anyone.

Line 6: If we win the argument, we can be famous. However, this fame is not precious because it’s based on injustice and power. This victory has its price, and it is the peace of our soul.

Personal fate Hard times. There could be discordance among husband and wife.
Marriage Success is transitional, won’t be so lucky later.
Household, family If it’s a big family, many of the family members can fall sick.
Childbirth Giving birth won’t be easy. It’s a baby girl. They may be in danger.
Asking for help Even if you get it, the intention will be dubious.
Person you’re waiting for He/She returns.
People you seek Finding it is hindered.
Lost property It’s difficult to find it.
Chasing thieves We may catch them.
Pleading With helpful people the argument can be solved. Further arguments shall be avoided.
Weather The weather’s going to be nice.
Traveling It’s good to travel alone.
Illness Dangerous complications may occur.
Personal wish It’ possible to achieve.
Social, political title If influenced people help you, you’ll be lucky.
Commerce, business life It’s possible to achieve and it van be fruitful.