I Ching Hexagrams: The Arousing

The Arousing – Shock, Thunder (Chen)

Chen – The Arousing: The Thunder predicts a closed power that suddenly erupts. Sometimes shock is necessary to stir up a situation (or ourselves). This is the symbol of awakening. It could be a teacher, a parent or either a natural phenomenon. If an obedient horse sees the whip he starts galloping. We need to stay calm and organized. This shock will be for our own benefit.


I Ching Hexagrams – The Arousing: meaning of the lines

Line 1: This is a warning. Change our behavior and the danger will go away.

Line 2: Financial loss is expected. This can only be avoided by a serious danger. It’s better to let materials go and retreat.

Line 3: Be spontaneous and get over it now.

Line 4: Don’t let our desires take the lead instead of discrimination.

Line 5: It’s better safe than sorry. There’s a difficulty ahead is, prepare for it in time.

Line 6: Observe the situation. If we don’t try to step ahead, we can make the most out of the situation and everything will be alright.


Personal fate Lucky period. Keep up your courage and face the difficulties. After a while you’ll feel good.
Marriage If the bride or the groom is from to the northwest, the marriage will be good and successful. If any of them is from to the northeast, it won’t.
Household, family Trauma with the house. It’d be better to move.
Childbirth It’s a baby boy, but trauma is expected during birth.
Searching for a new job Difficulty.
Commerce, business life Lucky outcome.
People you seek Meet him/her halfway.
Person you’re waiting for A message is on its way.
Lost property It can be found in the east or in the west.
Chasing thieves They’re in the southwest and can be caught.
Pleading Make peace or there’ll be a big trouble.
Weather Stormy weather with thunder.
Traveling Southern direction is good, eastern isn’t.
Illness Danger at the beginning, later luck.
Personal wish Difficulties and obstacles.