I Ching Hexagrams: The Bysmal

The Bysmal – Water: (K’an)

K’an – The Bysmal: In this sign you can find water twice that strengthens its nature. Water is smooth by nature and thanks to its submissive behavior it can move rocks. Acting like water can help you solve situations easily. This sign can also mean danger. Arrangement of the lines traces out depth and a rift. If we adapt to danger and stay focused we can pull through unscathed.


I Ching Hexagrams – The Bysmal: meaning of the lines

Line 1: It’s only our fault that we got into a dangerous situation, that we got trapped. We overrated ourselves and our abilities. This is not the proper way to handle the situation.

Line 2: The dangerous situation the line got into can only be sold with patience. You can get out of trouble carefully.

Line 3: There is a rift behind and in front of the rift. No matter which way you go, danger is expected. If we overrate ourselves, difficult situations await us. Danger shouldn’t be attacked directly.

Line 4: Be honest to get rid of difficulties.

Line 5: Avoid pride and self-sufficiency. If we are in a good situation don’t be overambitious. If the feelings are strong don’t yield to our desires. Be modest.

Line 6: This line is in a dangerous position because of ignorance or stubbornness. If you don’t change your situation soon, you lose the chance doing it.


Personal fate The family splits. You leave your home town or your home country.
Marriage Successful, close friends may get married.
Household, family You are moving next to water and building a house. It’ll bring luck.
Childbirth It’s a baby boy. Giving birth will be difficult, but in the end everything will be okay.
Searching for a new job You’ll get it later.
Social, political title It’s difficult to achieve.
Commerce, business life Great benefits.
People you seek Search south, close to water.
Person you’re waiting for Those living far will come, those living close, won’t.
Lost property Try to find it fast, near water. Procrastinating makes the search more difficult.
Chasing thieves They’re hiding next to water, maybe at a mountain creek.
Pleading Looking for financial advantage brings luck.
Weather It’s not going to rain for a long time.
Traveling It’s dangerous, with the possibility of death.
Illness Difficult to cure, dangerous.
Personal wish A few obstacles. If you hurry, luck will avoid you.