I Ching Hexagrams: The Clinging, Flame

The Clinging, Flame (Lin)

Lin – The Clinging, Flame: The two Fire signs on each other show overflowing energy. This manifest in glory and shine. It’s difficult to control and rule fire. This wildness can mean desire and ambition. Only water has the power to tame fire. The interaction of these two creates harmony. Don’t let fire dominate or it’ll burn us. Technically speaking this sign suggests nursing and sharing the light of knowledge. If we get it from some outer source, pass it on so that the power of light can reach others.


I Ching Hexagrams – The Clinging, Flame: meaning of the lines

Line 1: The line shows someone planning to go on a journey. You need to be prepared to avoid any troubles during the journey. Something prosperous is starting, but there will be some confusion.

Line 2: The second line is equal to youth and revival. Constant revival should be born in mind. Aim for our mind to stay young and hopeful.

Line 3: The sun has reached its peak and starts declining. We have to act now to be effective on the long-term. If we make a bad decision now we’ll suffer from it for a long time.

Line 4: If express our power too strong we will find the way out soon. Slow down!

Line 5: The fire has reached its peak. The period of well-being will soon end. Now everything is at the state of maturity. Use this time. If the question is related to soul-searching, luck will only return after true repentance and engrossment.

Line 6: Dawn has arrived. We have to work on calming down our desires. They are disturbing our joy and harmony.

Personal fate Difficulties at the beginning will ease up, however those relating to spouse will remain.
Marriage It’s not likely to be a good marriage, and future ones will be unlucky too.
Household, family There’s a chance of robbery or fire. Be careful.
Childbirth Difficulty, possibility of miscarriage.
Searching for a new job Obstacles hinder success.
Social, political title You have the possibility of promotion and success.
People you seek It’s not going to find it.
Person you’re waiting for He/She/It is not coming.
Lost property A woman can help finding it.
Chasing thieves They trailed from the north to the south and can be caught by help.
Pleading It’s not a good sign for the suitor, it can be dangerous. The respondent is lucky.
Weather It’s going to be rainy and cloudy for many days.
Traveling Travelling to the north or west is not favorable at the moment.
Illness The sign shows fever. In case of a man, it’s curable, in case of a woman, it isn’t.
Personal wish It’s difficult to achieve.