I Ching Hexagrams: The Creative

The Creative (Chyan)

Chyan – The Creative: Chyan sign is entirely made by yang(male) energy. This energy is shown by a dragon. (such forces in nature manifest like  blazing Flame or violent electrically charged storm). The only way to incorporate the power of the dragon is to have the four yang virtues. These are: forwarding, creation, progress and stamina. Our spiritual value depends on whether we can harmonize our yin and yang energy.


I Ching Hexagrams – The Creative: meaning of the lines

Line 1: Yang power is still hidden. Be introspective and continue learning about yourself. It’s not the time to act.

Line 2: This line is equal to state symbolized by the fifth line. It’s time to set the goal Take side with the powerful leader.

Line 3: The lower trigram’s positive energy upsurges. This line is a warning for self-learners. You are on the way of improvement but beware: as you go forward there will be more and more distracting temptations.

Line 4: This is the sign that shows that the dragon is mature enough to act as its own will. The dragon can’t compete with the leader symbolized by the fifth line. It doesn’t march forward and doesn’t cause disturbance. No matter what kind of situation are we in, the most important thing is to adapt harmoniously.

Line 5: Right now you can achieve anything. Power is at its peak. Don’t let this opportunity pass to extend our energies. The wise knows this, acts without hesitation but knows not to cross the line.

Line 6: The peak is followed by decline. That’s how things are. The power of the dragon weakens because it went too far. Avoid extremities.


Personal fate Take time for self-improvement and self-coaching.
Marriage Successful. The woman is nice and noble. Stay clear of a mischievous matchmaker.
Household, family It’s not peaceful, but don’t move to another place. (or country)
Commerce, business life Purchasing gives you significant benefits.
People you seek They’re coming later, maybe in 10 days.
Lost property It may be found. Begin the search in the southwest or any place with trees and rocks. It’ll be there.
Chasing thieves It’s difficult to find them. They are hiding in the woods or in the mountains.
Pleading It may end in peace.
Weather Drought till autumn, followed by rain. Sunny days followed by rainy nights are also possible.
Traveling Shouldn’t travel alone, but traveling with company shall be pleasant.
Illness The problem is exhaustion or oedema. Energy-flow isn’t sufficient, the energy flowing upwards is causing troubles. This may be an illness. If your question is related to a serious illness, this sign may predict death.
Personal wish Don’t hurry! Taking action will cause regret. Withdrawal doesn’t bring trouble. Mistimed action will make you lose the opportunity. If a woman gets this symbol, it means she’s too strong, and she shall pay more attention.