The Fool: general, standing and reversed meaning

The Fool, general description

The Fool is the 1st card of the Major Arcana. It is part of Fatecaster’s Tarot card list that summarizes the Rider Waite Tarot cards’ meaning.

The Fool represents our inner child. It symbolizes a spontaneous new start and open-mindedness without preconceptions. The expression of playful joyfulness brimming with life shows that we are getting to know a new aspect of our life with amazement but without concrete expectations and often without preliminary knowledge. It can refer to infantile spirit and thus to giddiness, foolish naivety, playfulness. It also can mean silliness or the simplicity of wise and humble consideration that can only be reached at the end of a long and often exhausting journey.

The Fool can represent the rascal from the Till Eulenspiegel tale and the impertinent critter, but also as the alter ego of the king the only honest court counselor. He always lives in the present, he is the expression of open-mindedness and spontaneous honor and he is always ready for new experiences. The card however doesn’t show if our behavior originates from the protest against becoming an adult or from the spiritual maturity’s wise realization. The Fool refers to invigorating experiences that are sometimes chaotic but don’t mean real danger, even if we tumble over.

The Fool, standing

Fearlessness, imagination, open-mind and adventurous soul. Without sorrow and anxiety. Ideas, thoughts, impressions from a totally incredible place. Doesn’t care about if it loses or wins everything. Full of life, exuberant, rapture. It’s the pure and irrevocable form of the power of creation, in which absolute knowledge unites with the last oblivion.

The Fool, reversed

Apathy, inattention and dangerous negligence. Unquenchable need to go. Anxiety and agony over someone or something. Losing every extent. Extreme adventurousness and total disinterest in critical situations. Immature or unreal ideas. Unusual impressions  and desires from incomprehensible reasons. Vanity, delirium, foolishness and forgetfulness.