I Ching Hexagrams: The Joyous

The Joyous, Lake (Tui)

Tui – The Joyous: In this sign the Lake doubles itself. The two inner trigrams are the Sunshine and the Wind. The appearance of a wonderful place makes us happy and blessed. The manifestation of happiness, virtues and sturdiness doesn’t come from sentimentalism. However don’t try to suppress our feelings, since emotional rigidity is unhealthy. Happiness and pleasure are like shadows. If we try to grab them we realize they don’t really exist and if they reach their peak they suddenly turn into their opposite. The way you handle happiness and other emotions should be like how the ocean behaves: it’s vehement and tempestuous on the surface but deep down it’s calm.


I Ching Hexagrams – The Joyous: meaning of the lines

Line 1: This line is self-sufficient and independent; its joy comes from the inside. Just like when we find pleasure in something for the first time.

Line 2: They trust you because of your honesty and fidelity. You don’t have to please others to progress.

Line 3: Weak personality with unbounded ambition. He/she feels attraction to profane people and pleasures. His/her joy is shallow and temporary.

Line 4: This is a strong line in a weak position. You are grounding between the easily accessible and the sophisticated pleasures. You have the power to beat yourself and the reward will be abundance and pure joy.

Line 5: This marks a strong leader who is at the right place. If however he/she puts places confidence in the wrong person luck awaits him/her.

Line 6: The line depicts an evil shifter who is only graceful by interest. In the end, of course, no one is happy.

Personal fate Balanced, but be careful with illnesses.
Marriage There will be arguments.
Searching for a new job You’ll find it.
Childbirth Peaceful, safe.
Social, political title Attainable. Rely on your friends support.
Commerce, business life If you want profit, you need to rely on others help.
People you seek It can be found.
Lost property It’s difficult to find it.
Chasing thieves It’s difficult to catch them. They’re hiding northeast.
Pleading Make peace.
Weather It’ll rain.
Traveling Bit of loss at the beginning, but then it’s joyful.
Illness Serious and dangerous.
Personal wish It’s difficult to accomplish.