I Ching Hexagrams: The Receptive

The Receptive(K’un)

K’un – The Receptive – Earthy yin energy enables things manifestation and embodiment. Its nature is cooperative and obedient, receptive and susceptible. The lines of the sign inspire to follow a great person. At the same time, it shows the substance of self-improvement. While searching for the truth you often feel lost, because we don’t exactly know what truth really is. At the beginning there may be some difficulties, but practice and experience will lead to enlightenment. Be careful, because sticking to the fact that what we’ve reached is full and ultimate truth, it’s easy to lose our way on the journey.

I Ching Hexagrams – The Creative: meaning of the lines

Line 1: It’s the hidden potential and opportunity. At the beginning of our venture we need to be careful and diplomatic.

Line 2: Be straightforward and honest in accordance with your true nature. This is a big blessing!

Line 3: This line magnanimously gives energy so that things can have great progress. Such followers can expect big success and fortune.

Line 4: A wise and brave follower goes through his/her duties however he/she still looks like a tied up sack. No one knows what’s inside. In this period it’s practical to hold back the urge to express ourselves. Thus we can avoid unnecessary confusion.

Line 5: According to the ancient teaching about celestial body’s colors, yellow belongs to the Earth. It means generosity, broadminded attitude and kindness. This leader has a sophisticated approach. He is worthy to be followed.

Line 6: The sixth line symbolizes the overflow of the yin energy. This plethoric power means exaggeration and destruction.

Personal fate Things will gradually get smoother. If you’re an employee, prepare to get a difficult task.
Marriage Marriage will be good, but there’s no need to rush.
Household, family The place is good. Luck.
Childbirth Giving birth is safe. It’ll be a boy. Moving first sign indicates danger for the mother.
Searching for a new job Don’t hurry, or you’ll lose money.
Social, political title You can get a good position and fame.
People you seek He/She won’t come but leaves you a message.
Lost property It’s difficult to find it, you may succeed to the northwest.
Chasing thieves  They fled to the northwest, you may catch them.
Pleading There’s a conflict related to rent. Try to find a peaceful solution, otherwise you may lose the suit.
Weather It’s going to be raining. In 12 days cycle the 5th and the 6th day will be sunny.
Traveling Going to the west is good. East and north are unlucky.
Illness It’s serious.
Personal wish It’s possible, but there are some obstacles. The realization is lingering.
Commerce, business life Good perspectives.