I Ching Hexagrams: The Taming Power of the Great

The Taming Power of the Great (Ta Chu)

Ta Chu – The Taming Power of the Great: The Mountain holds in check the accumulated power of Heaven. The sign shows that we are on the right way. Accumulated power isn’t negative at the moment. It shows that we have the chance to attain real knowledge, virtue and financial vantages. However, we probably haven’t yet got them. Depending on the question this sign can also mean that we have to keep going on our way by improving our virtues. It also teaches us that work you do alone is often insufficient, however, teamwork can radically help ease up the task. If we got the sign related to personal or collective mental improvement, then it’s worth consider the two lower lines as Earth, the middle ones as humanity and the upper two as Heaven.


I Ching Hexagrams – The Taming Power of the Great: meaning of the lines

Line 1: The first line says it’s too early to act, be careful. Don’t proceed because there would be difficulties on the way. First let’s recover our inner peace.

Line 2: This line is impetuous power that pulls the chariot. Pent-up energy only helps improvement if we find balance. Hold back ourselves.

Line 3: This line resembles the first one since it also puts us on guard. The extreme and aggressive dissipation of the energy can only be tamed by strong control. The sign depicts a mind that runs free as untamed as a wild horse. Get it under our control to start in on continuation.

Line 4: In accordance with a personal relationship this line acts like an important helper. It’s either we have to be it or someone needs to be involved. In general it shows that the development of virtuous attributes needs discipline.

Line 5: This line depicts a leader who knows how to neutralize harmful energies and how to keep itself well in hand. The sign calls upon to find and cruelly cut out the root of the problem otherwise bad luck await us.

Line 6: This line shows that everything is prepared to successfully start our journey towards greatness. (or our goal)


Personal fate This is not the most fortunate period. As the signs in the middle show, luck and bless is expected in two years. Your personal wish will come true.
Marriage It can be successful at the beginning but will end up in divorce.
Household, family Live close to mountains. Your family enjoys prosperity.
Childbirth It’s a baby boy, but giving birth is dangerous.
Searching for a new job Be careful, you’ll get the job you wished for.
Social, political title You have to turn 30 to be useful for your country.
Commerce, business life You can expect prosper and significant profit within three months or three years.
People you seek It’ll be found, except we got the fourth sign.
Person you’re waiting for He/She/It is not coming, because of an obstacle.
Lost property At first it’s difficult to determine its location, but after a long time it may be found to the northeast, close to water. But it’s also possible that it’s in your house.
Chasing thieves They’re staying in the northeast, and you know them. If we got the fourth sign, it’s difficult to catch them.
Pleading At first you’ll be confident, then anxious, but in the end it’ll be peaceful.
Weather As a result of accumulated moisture it’s going to rain for a while.
Traveling Slow beginning will bring luck.
Illness Difficulties with urination and secretion. The abdomen has swollen. It’s difficult to cure.
Personal wish Be careful. If you hurry, you’ll come to grief.