I Ching Hexagrams: The Well

The Well (Ching)

Ching – The Well: In this sign the Wind(Tree) is under the Water. The power of the Wind makes the water surface. If we interpret the lower trigram as a Tree, then we should think about a bucket pulling up the water. Water is the symbol of wisdom and development but both need to be fought for. If we start digging a well (search for knowledge) we shouldn’t be dissuaded just because we bump into a rock. Those who fluster and instead of dealing with the obstacle decide to dig a new well will never find Water. It’s also important to know where to dig. Often its intuition and patience that show us which road to take. Those digging everywhere without thinking don’t give enough time for them to sense where water is.


I Ching Hexagrams – The Well: meaning of the lines

Line 1: The first line depicts the muddy bottom of a well. It’s a human being whose mind is obscured by wishes and affections. Those with obscured mind are usually useless and are avoided by others.

Line 2: The line depicts the rope with a dipping bucket on its end. It’s possible that the rope is not long enough to reach the water. The problem may not be the depth of the length of the rope. (thus our attitude).

Line 3: The well is clean now, sediment has settled. Unfortunately valuable source isn’t appreciated.

Line 4: A well or any other permanent source of water needs constant care and maintenance. Though it can give a lot, self-discipline and strong principles are necessary.

Line 5: This line denotes the drinkable cool water. Its personality is an example for everyone. The line can depict the source of the water (knowledge) as a teacher.

Line 6: The well shouldn’t be covered. Don’t make it impossible for others to drink.


Personal fate Work alone, otherwise the damage will grow, the benefit will decrease.
Marriage Half good, half bad.
Household, family The house is too close to the water: it won’t be calm.
Childbirth It’s neither safe nor easy.
Searching for a new job It takes time, but will be successful.
Social, political title Not successful.
Commerce, business life It’s difficult to achieve success, but once done it’ll be profitable.
People you seek It’s difficult to find it.
Lost property It’s possible to be found.
Chasing thieves It’s difficult to catch them.
Pleading Prolonged. It’s an argument related to the land.
Weather It’s going to rain for a long time.
Illness Acute illness that cures slowly.
Personal wish It’s difficult to implement.