I Ching Hexagrams: Waiting

Waiting (Hsu)

Hsu – Waiting: The Heaven above the Water depicts a gloomy Heaven-scape. Heaven shows the pure, creative power that hinders Water’s manifestation. Danger is lurking somewhere. The chaos in this situation destroys us we can only proceed deliberately step by step. Inner trigrams (the Flame and the Lake) have the promise of success. But be careful: it’s not yet the time to think about success because losing concentration will end up in failure. Real values can’t be reached easily no meaningful thing can be achieved without effort. Honesty is the only power that can bring out the Heaven and the Earth. This is the most important virtue that we have to acquire. The extent of the danger depends on which sign are we staying on.


I Ching Hexagrams – Waiting: meaning of the lines

Line 1: Danger is far away. If we travel to a distant place, be patient. Being careful helps to avoid it.

Line 2: The situation is like sand on a beach. The line may show some irresponsible gossiping (either done by us or at our expense). Self-control and patience can help avoiding trouble.

Line 3: Danger is quite close. Inconsiderate haste brought it. This situation needs action, hesitating and thoughtlessness make the state worse.

Line 4: This is the first line of the danger. However, if we accept the help of the fifth line we can solve the situation. Seek for cooperation.

Line 5: Wait and rest until trouble passes. If we stay focused the situation will be solved.

Line 6: There’s no need for hesitation anymore, danger will soon go away. We have three strong supporters (the three lower yang lines).


Personal fate Luck and good times haven’t arrived yet. If you’re pushy, you’ll be in trouble.
Marriage It’s difficult to accomplish it.
Childbirth It’s a baby girl. Delivery will be smooth.
Household, family It’s not the right time for settling.
Asking for help It can be useful.
Social, political title It’ll cost you a fortune, but you’ll not achieve your goal.
Commerce, business life Arguments block efficiency.
People you seek He/She is near, you’ll soon meet.
Person you’re waiting for He/she is late or not coming at all.
Chasing thieves They’re hiding in the north at someone they know, but they can be caught.
Weather It’s going to be raining for a long time, 5-7 days, but after that the weather will be good.
Traveling Luck. You’ll find help, and have a pleasant time together.
Illness Headache, vomiting or alcohol overdose.